Alice Yammine Boueiz

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced Senior Executive with a demonstrated history of working in health systems & Policies, health industry and Arab Renowned Healthcare activities & projects. Well known leader in healthcare strategies, Initiatives and collaboration that has successfully transformed, automated, and optimized the Quality and sustainability of the Arab Healthcare sector.

Recently recognized as the Influential woman of the year in Healthcare strategy and collaboration and one of the most Talented Female Healthcare Leaders in Arab Countries. Also, she received the National Order merit from the Republic of Lebanon for her great efforts in enhancing the Healthcare sector and building bridges, as well opening dialogue between all Arab countries to advance Health. Well-known as one of the dedicated and esteemed women leaders who is committed to lead the change to the Healthcare sector.

She was nominated in 2016 as the Chief Executive Officer of the Arab Hospitals Federation after a long journey in the federation as Head of Organizing & PR Committee with many success events and activities in the Arab Healthcare sector.

She contributed to successful Healthcare projects, declarations and initiatives in building a solid reputation for the Federation among government, officials, key decision makers in regional, Arab and International organizations and she has a remarkable network with the decision makers and Healthcare players in the region.

Planting the seeds of growth to develop the Arab Healthcare Workers was one of her goals, in addition to many topics and projects related to sustainability, Health Tourism and Reshaping the Arab Healthcare sector. Highly capable of providing hands-on leadership and guidance, negotiation, and insightful perspectives and recommendations during strategic planning, policy development.

Lately, she launched the Arab Healthcare Sustainability Center – AHD powered by the Arab Hospitals Federation and that aims to help Healthcare facilities turn those pledges into action and seize new visions to build competitive advantage, in addition to build climate resilience and sustainability into their services, working with and for the communities they serve.

Her focus is on strategies design, organization design, operational excellence, innovation management and Building partnerships.

She is a core member of the Arab Hospitals Federation’s Executive Council team, and she led its activities in the Arab World, working with the public and private Healthcare organizations, authorities and ministries to open borders between them.

Ms. Boueiz is a graduate of Marketing and International Relations Affairs from the Holy Spirit University of Beirut USEK, and the Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA).

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