Dr. Alan Russell Stewart

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Alan is internal medicine consultant and physician executive with a track record of success in senior healthcare leadership roles. His interests and expertise encompasses health system quality improvement and patient safety, clinical governance, patient and family centered care, physician wellness, leadership development, and strategic planning. Prior to joining NMC, Dr. Alan was a Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi.
In his career spanning over 25 years, Dr. Alan has been Chief of Staff, Medical Director, Chief Medical Officer Quality and VP-Medical and Academic Affairs in a variety of settings including urban, tertiary, rural, acute and long-term care.
Dr. Alan is a General Internist (FRCPC) and passionate about engaging clinicians in quality improvement. Leadership qualifications to his credit include the Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives from the Harvard Law School, the Health Leadership Executive Program, University of Toronto, JL Rotman School of Business, and the Canadian Medical Association Physician Manager Institute.
As the Chief Medical Officer at NMC, Dr. Alan is a member of the corporate executive with a particular focus on physician engagement, clinical governance and value-based healthcare.


Panel 4
September 25, 2023
4:00 pm


25 September
Time:  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Leading tomorrow's healthcare ecosystem involves anticipating and embracing emerging trends, technologies, and challenges that will shape the future of healthcare.

Healthcare policy plays a vital role in shaping the future of the healthcare ecosystem by creating an environment that fosters collaboration, drives innovation, ensures quality care, promotes financial sustainability, facilitates data sharing, improves population health, and upholds ethical standards.

The future of healthcare financing is marked by the transition to value-based care and the increasing use of alternative payment models, as well the integration of advanced technologies that will lead to better outcomes, without forgetting the vital role of evolving standards, compliance, and regulations to ensure a resilient healthcare ecosystem.

A focus on patient-centered care is central to leading tomorrow's healthcare ecosystem and collaboration between healthcare organizations, governments, and other stakeholders to enhance patient access to healthcare and lead to more equitable healthcare systems.

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