Dr. Ameer El Telwany

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ameer El Telwany: Chief executive director (CEO) of Egypt Healthcare Authority (EHA), the first to hold this position since establishment of EHA in 2019. He previously served as the deputy director of the Universal Health Insurance Project, and the Project manager of Japanese-Egyptian quality improvement project in Egyptian hospitals. He also held several leadership roles in the Ministry of Health hospitals.

He won the Egypt Award for Government Excellence in its third edition in 2022 as “the best sector head” among the individual excellence awards. He holds a master’s degree in clinical operations from Harvard University, the Egyptian fellowship in health facilities management, as well as a master’s degree in diagnostic radiology and a candidate of MD interventional of diagnostic radiology.

During his tenure as Chief Executive Director, along with his team, he has achieved a breakthrough in the health sector on all axes, using the latest technological means and applying clinical governance systems to provide high-quality health services, as well as achieving operational excellence, financial sustainability and implementing the revenue cycle management system in EHA facilities.

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