Dr. Asma Ibrahim Al Mannaei

Executive Director

Dr. Asma Al‐Mannaei is an accomplished executive director of research and innovation in the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, with over 18 years of experience in Public Health, Strategy & Policy, Quality and Healthcare Research and Innovation. With an extensive background in healthcare Management, she is an expert in leading the transformation of healthcare life science in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Al‐Mannaei is recognized for her innovative strategies and her ability to drive success in complex projects. She holds an MBBS from UAEU, a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins and Executive Education of Advanced Leadership and Management from Harvard Kennedy School.
Current Projects:
 Precision Medicine
 Abu Dhabi Genome Program & biobank
 Abu Dhabi Healthcare Life Science Strategy
 Healthtech incubator & accelerator
 Drugs & medical products regulations
 Research & Clinical Trails regulations

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