Dr Fatima Al Kaabi

Executive Director

Dr Fatima Alkaabi is the Director of Abu Dhabi Bone Marrow Transplant at Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre and also the Executive Director of Emirates Genome and Health Affairs in Abu Dhabi Executive Office.
During a highly successful clinical career, which has seen her specializing in the causes, prognosis, treatment and prevention of conditions and disorders of the blood, Dr Fatima has held multiple senior positions in healthcare institutions, including as the head of hematology and oncology adult services in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and subsequently the hospital’s deputy chief medical officer. She was also previously a board member of Yas Clinic Group.
Dr Fatima Obtained a Masters in Public Health from Bloomberg School of Public Health, John Hopkins University) and an MSc Cancer from the University College of London (UCL). She undertook her fellowship in haematology at the Royal
Free Hospital, UK.

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