Mr. Mohamad Alnoimi

Vice President

Executive Director at Hamad Medical Corporation from 2008 – 2016
Chief of cabinet of Minister of Health – Qatar – 2016 till present
Vice President – Arab Hospitals Federation 2017 -present

  • Company Arab Hospitals Federation


Panel 2
September 25, 2023
12:30 pm


25 September
Time:  12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


In this session, we will delve into the critical topic of "Leading Health for All" and explore the challenges and successes faced by Lebanon, a country that has confronted numerous crises. We will have the honor of hearing from the Minister of Health in Lebanon, who will share their experience and the strategies implemented to ensure equitable access to healthcare services, even in the face of adversity.

While commitments to this goal are essential, the true impact lies in translating those commitments into meaningful actions. In this panel discussion, Health Minister from Jordan, along with other reputable experts from various healthcare organizations, will address the key actions required to transform commitments into tangible results. Our speakers will share their perspectives on how effective leadership can demonstrate commitment and drive positive change in the healthcare sector.

They will also discuss the efforts undertaken to integrate health promotion and disease prevention into the healthcare system, aiming to reduce the burden of preventable illnesses and enhance overall community well-being.
Through strong commitment and visionary leadership, these leaders will emphasize the need to prioritize and advocate for universal access to healthcare. They will discuss strategies for strengthening healthcare systems to ensure efficient and equitable provision of healthcare services. This includes addressing issues such as healthcare infrastructure, workforce capacity, financing mechanisms, service delivery, and health promotion and disease prevention. Additionally, the panelists will underscore the significance of maintaining the health and safety of all communities and will emphasize the need for healthcare systems to be adaptable and resilient.

They will explore the steps being taken to strengthen primary healthcare systems, laying the foundation for comprehensive and accessible healthcare services for the entire population. The discussions will draw upon successful initiatives and best practices that can inspire and guide other countries in their pursuit of "Health for All."

Fostering collaboration between public and private healthcare entities will be a central theme, as the panel highlights the collective work needed to achieve the goal of "Health for All." Johnson & Johnson's experience in collaborating with local communities, governments, and NGOs to implement this goal effectively will be highlighted as a successful example.
In addition to exploring the role of hospitals in prioritizing and implementing the principle of "Leading Health for All" in their day-to-day operations and long-term strategies, our speakers will discuss their future goals and aspirations in continuing to advance this principle. Their insights will shape a vision for sustaining and expanding efforts to improve healthcare access and outcomes, leaving a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

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